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Special Off Menu Items

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Our Off-Menu Delights

At pho Home, we pride ourselves on offering not only a delightful menu but also a secret treasure trove of off-menu dishes, carefully curated to surprise and delight the adventurous food lovers among you.

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Viet Claypot Catfish (Ca kho) ($16.95)

What is Cá Kho?

Vietnamese braised catfish, also known as cá kho, is a classic dish that represents traditional Vietnamese home cooking. When served or cooked in a claypot, it is called cá kho tộ.

The dish is simple to make, yet the flavors are complex and delicious. The catfish is cut into steaks, then marinated in a primary mixture of fish sauce, sugar, and garlic, then braised in coconut juice until tender.

The result is a rich, sweet, and savory catfish stew that is perfect for serving with steamed rice, vegetables, and its sister dish, sweet and sour fish soup (canh chua).

Sweet and soup soup (Canh chua) ($18.95)

What is canh chua?

Canh chua, also known as Vietnamese sweet & sour soup, comes from the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. It includes a tamarind broth filled with fish (typically catfish) from the delta, pineapple, tomatoes, elephant ear stalks, and bean sprouts. And it is usually served with a side of white rice and Ca Kho (Claypot Catfish).

shrimp patty Ver.jpg

Stir fried Noodle ($13.95)

Stir fried noodle used to be our top selling. It was off the menu for awhile due to low staffing. The dish is now back. The stir fried includes seafood with assorted of veggies serving together with soft or crispy noodle

Sweet and Sour Hotpot

Everybody asked for a vegan broth, and now here it is. Sweet and Sour broth is a veggie base broth seasoned with tamarin and lime. Even though it is a veggie base broth, the broth is best with fish hotpot.

fish hotpot.jpg

Lemongrass Shrimp Patty ($7.50)

made from shrimp and pork, marinated with lemongrass and authentic Vietnamese seasoning. The deep fried patty is served with sweet chili ginger sauce. Our top selling at Festival International 2023

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