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As a traditional dish in Vietnamese culinary, Pho has become a flavor that goes beyond all the frameworks of time, across all boundaries of the territory to be presented throughout the world. The food is simple, but delicate. It is easy to make people long remember because of the harmony in each materials.

Come to PHO HOME to enjoy the elegant Pho of the Viet, my friends!

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The famous Vietnamese noodle soup. A good Pho is a balanced combination between beef, herbs, and seasonings. Our Pho is not only a regular Pho, it is a Homemade Pho

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A traditional noodle soup in Middle Vietnam. The soup is a great combination of beef, pork, and seasoned with Vietnamese herbs. If you love the spicy taste, this is the right one for you


This dish has been dominating Vietnamese street food for a long time. It is a brilliant combination of rice noodle, vegetable, and lemongrass marinated meats. It is simple, but brilliant

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Claypot cat fish, or stew fish, is a popular food of people in the southwestern river in Vietnam. The fish is stewed until the fishy smell is gone to leave a rich and bold flavor, that is when the whole family gather around for the dinner.

If you want an authentic Vietnamese experience this is the place to go! Prices are great for the quality of food you're getting. Down to their pho, grilled pork chop plate and their DELICIOUS Vietnamese coffee! The staff is super friendly and you can't beat the atmosphere here.

Kin T Chen

Lafayette, LA

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